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Tripxchain Global Travel Chain

Gathering global capital to upgrade Thailand tourism.








About Tripxchain


Tripxchain is a public chain project dedicated to the commercialization, capitalization and application of the Blockchain in Thailand, creating the first brand public chain for digital business applications in Thailand and the global travel industry

Tripxchain Future

Cooperation Strategies partners on chain
More travel-based products/ service providers;
Third-Party application developers on chain
Target:The World First tourism public chain ecology.

Community Cooperative Autonomy

Based on the Blockchain technology and the concept of the general economy, Tripxchain adopts decentralized operation and management methods, and utilizes the equivalence of rights and obligations of each node in the Blockchain to ensure that all users of the platform have the same rights and obligations. Maximize the fairness and transparency of the platform.

Ecological Structure

In the ecosystem of Tripxchain, includes nodes, auditors, developers, contract users, consumers, DAPP, community and other roles.

Why Tripxchain might be the right fit

Tripxchain Global Blockchain tourism eco-operating system, for the entire tourism industry scenic spots, hotels, resorts, homestays and users, to establish business and user travel big data, to provide tourism industry with trust, incentives, zero commission travel ecosystem services.

Tripxchain’s first application scenario is Thailand tourism. First of all, the Thailand tourism service is the core, and the upstream and downstream industry chain of the tourism industry is established to establish a more fair and transparent level travel system and reshape the tourism industry.

Tripxchain is a public chain project dedicated to the commercialization, capitalization and application of the Blockchain in Thailand, creating the first brand public chain for digital business applications in Thailand and the global travel industry. With the development of Tripxchain ecosystem, Tripxchain will help the Thailand real economy to usher in the massive maturity of the Blockchain.

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Tripxchain Identification
02 —
Tripxchain Ecological Credibility Construction

03 —
Tripxchain Ecological Evaluation System
04 —
Tripxchain Decentralized Ticketing Platform

Tripxchain Digital Town

The return for the investor comes from the value of the project. The core value of the project comes from the application scenario. Currently, the Thailand first currency exchange group, SUPER RICH, and Tripxchain have reached a strategic partnership. TXC can legally exchange with Thai currency at any time at SUPER RICH. Tripxchain sponsor relies on existing resources and business elements to follow the general economic model and design the application scenario of the Tripxchain Token-TXC. Tripxchain has now entered into strategic partnerships with a number of companies or organizations to launch a complete payment system with TXC as a payment tool.

TXC consumer payment value conversion principle: If the price of TXC in the secondary trading market is lower than the original purchase price, consumers can pay for products based on the TXC’s original price purchased; if the price of the TXC in the secondary trading market is higher than the consumers’ previous purchase price (TXC value-added), consumers can pay for products based on the value-added market price.

Application Scenario that allowed TXC payment:
① TXC can be used to purchase all Thai royal products produced
② TXC can be used to pay for all travel projects
③ TXC can be used in all major shopping malls in Thailand.
④ TXC can used to purchase related insurance products.
⑤ TXC digital currency can be used in convenient store in Thailand
⑥ TXC can be used in Bangkok (Thailand); Digital Town.

Tripxchain Token Details

1st Jan - 31st Jan TXC TOKEN will be price at USD 0.14
Total TXC token supply 3 Billion
SoftCap : USD$10m
HardCap: USD$72m

Min Purchase : 3 ETH
TXC tokens are not for sales for all Thailand Institutions investors and citizen.
All TXC tokens must be registered and purchased via official website or authorised partners under GTC Foundation Limited. Loses for purchases made via unauthorised channels will not be liable by GTC Foundation Limited.

Tripxchain Market Overview

Tourism is the pillar industry of Thailand’s economy

Thailand’s tourism earning capacity ranks first among Southeast Asia and is also top in the Asia-Pacific region. According to UN’s data, Thailand has the 11th largest number of tourists in the world, and its tourism revenue ranks 5th in the world in 2017. Tourism is the pillar industry of Thailand’s economy and plays an important role in the national economy

Thailand has abundant IP resources

Thailand has abundant IP resources such as Culture, Tourism, Real-Estate, Celebrities, Movies, Songs, Soccer, Boxing, etc., however, the commercial value of IP is difficult to excavate, measure, difficult to real-time, transparent, and objectification, this naturally provides a rapidly developing fertile soil for Blockchain.

Thailand’s extensible industry is abundant

The development of tourism has driven the development of food, housing, transportation, and other related industries. The tourism real-estate, tourism transportation, shopping malls, entertainment industry, medical care, pension, and study abroad is extremely valuable for investment.

Tourism industry difficulties

Overbooking; Fraud cases; Middleman commission is extremely high; Friction and contradiction in transaction process; Identity authentication; Cross-border payment and settlement issues.

Tripxchain System Features


One of the highlights of the Tripxchain system is the use of a consensus algorithm for enhanced DPOS, which adds an efficient and practical Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm to DPOS, which greatly reduces the possibility of network difference, as long as no more than 1/3 of the nodes are federated, the system will not split, and there is no risk of double payment.


Developers can customize the parameters of their sidechains, such as block generation speed, transaction type, transaction fee, etc., and even implement a new consensus mechanism, such as the consensus mechanism that developers can use proof of equity or workload proof. Replace the default principal equity certification mechanism.

Developer Tool

The Tripxchain ecosystem is designed for travel-based applications across a wide range of industries. In order to reach as many users as possible, Tripxchain will focus on creating a high-quality plug-in and derivative application.

Development SDK

The bottom layer of the Tripxchain Blockchain and the smart contract layer function will be open to the whole network. Any third party can develop DAPP through the API interface and SDK provided by Tripxchain. Through the SDK middle layer, DIP developers in the ecosystem can develop applications more efficiently without grasping the underlying layer of the Tripxchain Blockchain.

Apps Showcase


Tripxchain Timeline

Tripxchain Token Allocation

Tripxchain Use of Proceed

  • Q4 2018 Token Creation & ICO

    Create Tripxchain Token as ERC20 Token.
    Launch Tripxchain ICO
  • Q1 2019 Reward Systems Implementation

    Implement Blockchain incentives and reward systems.
  • Q2 2019 The Launching of Mobile App

    iOS, Android Mobile App will be available for all members.
  • Q3 2019 Launching of Public Chain

    Beta release of APP module Public Chain
  • Q4 2019 Blockchain based trading system

    Launch of Blockchain technology trading system
  • Q1 2020 Decentralized Travel Blockchain Platform

    Establish fully decentralized secured Travel Blockchain Platform, including Micro-Finance Program

Strategic Partners